Mable Elmore’s statement on the West Coast Domestic Workers Association.

This year marks an important anniversary for an organization that is among those at the forefront of advocating for the rights and welfare of live-in caregivers and temporary workers, the workers who are most often marginalized and exploited in Canada.

The West Coast Domestic Workers Association was established in 1986. Since then, they’ve been facilitating access to justice for current and former live-in caregivers to the provision of legal assistance, legal information, public legal education and advocacy. They are a membership-based organization, caregiver-driven. They’ve assisted thousands of clients with their individual legal cases. They hold numerous programs, ESL programs and workshops around the province to educate and empower migrant workers and caregivers on their rights at work and also their human rights.
Some of their highlights include: they’ve made gains under the Employment Standards Act to ensure that caregivers have access to minimum wage and overtime guarantees. They have conducted numerous research to highlight the gender-based analysis of the live-in caregiver program. They’ve brought changes to immigration law to benefit and recognize the contribution of caregivers.
They’ve advocated against the cancelling of the live-in caregiver program and the subsequent removal of direct pathway to permanent residency for caregivers, and they are calling for permanent residency for caregivers and open work permits in the most recent review.

West Coast Domestic Workers

West Coast Domestic Workers

They are partnering with the B.C. office for the prevention of trafficking in persons to bring an end to labour trafficking in our province. They’ve produced a public service announcement, conducted workshops across our province and have an upcoming documentary.
They do a lot with a very modest budget, supported by the Law Foundation, the B.C. Government and Service Employees Union and the labour movement, and they undertake test case litigation for law reform. They’re a member of the international domestic workers federation. They have a lot of fun. They hold annual picnics and dances.

To conclude, I’d like leave you with the words of their executive director and staff lawyer, Natalie Drolet. It’s time we recognize the critical value of caregiving work for our economy and for Canadian families. The temporary foreign worker caregiver program needs to ensure that caregivers have the same rights as other workers in Canada and issues open work permits and permanent residency. Domestic work is work, and all domestic workers deserve the same rights as all workers.



For Breaking News: Filipino Nanny suing West Vancouver employer Ms. Sandy Shokar and Diamond Company for $40,000!\

For further information go to Filipino Home Care Giver

This is going to be a very interesting Court Case in BC. Filipino Nanny suing West Vancouver Diamond Merchant Ms. Sandy Shokar and her company “Diamond Deals” Jewelry Stores for $40,000+ dollars for wrongful dismissal.

Court documents allege that Ms. Sandy Shokar and Diamond DeBals employed the Filipino Nanny under a 24-month fixed-term employment contract and then terminated her employment without cause. The Nanny was hired and came to Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program.

However, it is alleged the Filipino Nanny was made to work a various Diamond Deals Jewelry Stores located in Downtown Vancouver and Surrey. Furthermore it is alleged the Nanny had to work an “AirBnB” owned by Ms. Sandy Shokar in North Vancouver.

In a related Immigration case it is alleged that the Filipino Nanny was offered cash payments to work without authorization until the LMIA and work permit were approved.

This may be the first case in British Columbia, if not Canada, involving a Filipino Caregiver suing an employer for Wrongful Dismissal.

More details and information to follow.

Note: The Court case is pending and the allegations have not been proven in Court.