Help with Running Errands

Help with Running Errands

Shopping, picking up prescriptions or personal items- these errands used to be easy  and fun during the early days. However, they become burdensome as we age. We realize that our eyes don’t have the reliable 20/20 vision anymore while our energy drains easily. Running errands isn’t just physically exhaustive, it can be risky too. Driving your way to get your prescriptions or for grocery can be risky especially if your vision isn’t as reliable as it was before.

With Filipino Home Caregiver, you don’t have to risk your health or drain your energy with your errands. We have certified staff that can do your errands. Consequently, if you or your folks want a breath of fresh air and want to see the world outside the four corners of your home, we can also drive for them. We wanted you to maintain your connection to your community and friends. Your age shouldn’t forbid you from doing your usual tasks. However, if it starts to become taxing, you can always rely on our running errands services to get the job done.

One of the reasons that seniors prefer homecare is because of the independence that this set up provides. So, why impose the restriction? We wanted you to feel independent as possible without straining your health. You don’t have to separate yourself from the outside world if your health allows you to socialize with other people.

We can meet your or your loved ones’ daily needs comfortably as we offer our errand-running services, provided by our certified staff.

Our  services include the following:

  • Picking up Prescriptions or other personal items.
  • Purchasing groceries
  • Transportation to medical appointment, note taking during the appointment