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About Us

In Home Care believes that family always comes first. This is why our services is focused on making a family’s life better and closer. With our home care services, we believe that seniors deserve a better quality of life as they age. The best way for them to enhance and recover their well being is through living in a familiar environment they don’t have to adjust.

This is what we aim for Filipino Home Caregiver. We provide individualized services for the unique needs and conditions of your patients. We take our job seriously as we have undergone various trainings, enabling us to accommodate the different needs of the elderly.

Different medical conditions, the impact of surgeries or simply the results of age can present many challenges to you or your folks at home. We promote independence by assisting our patients and ensuring them their safety and security as they go about their daily lives.

Without support, it can be hard for you or your elderly to perform daily chores. Besides being exhaustive, it can also be risky for the health. We reduce such risks and help promote vigor and well-being with our comprehensive home care services.

We aren’t just into the physical health of our patients. We also make sure that they don’t feel isolated, lonely or inadequate. Our compassionate companionship and top-of-the- line personal care provide dignity to our patients. We are sensitive to our patients’ needs, which is why our services and staff are critically selected to meet our clients’ requirements. We enjoy in what we do and our sincerity shows in our array of services.

At Filipino Home Caregiver, we help you become independent, not despondent.

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Why Choose Us?

With the many home care services around, choosing the best company that offer great services can be tough. However, Filipino Home Caregiver’s dedication, compassion and sincerity in serving the elderly set us apart among the others. We are poised in providing dignity and maintain the independence of the elderly.  Our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality of life of our patience as we take away the burdens from them. Ranging from health care down to enjoyable companionship, we are capable of delivering the unique requirements of each patient.

Skilled and Experienced Staff

Trust is a critical factor when it comes to choosing home care services for you or your loved ones. It is very crucial that your home care service provider has trustworthy, efficient, reliable and skilled staff to accommodate the demands of the patient. With us, you can assure that our team of skilled and experienced staff can meet your requirements. Our team is composed of people certified in first-aid and most of our registered care aids are college graduate in health care courses.

We bank on experience as we give you proper medical attention and personal care. Beyond our medical experience, we also understand the human factor that home care involves. Thus, we keep in constant communication with the family of our patients to provide updates and progress.

We Care About our Clients’ Individual Needs

At Filipino Home Caregiver, we recognize the different needs of our clients. Hence, we create individualized program for our patients to make sure that their unique needs are served. From the complimentary consultation, we can discuss and agree with a management plan that would suit your needs. Once we have determined your management plan, we will make sure that you are completely satisfied with the level of service that we will provide.

You don’t have to fear aging when you know you are taken care of like what we do. At Filipino Home Caregiver, we look after your welfare.